The Last Walk: Horatio Nelson in Portsmouth





The weary passenger is Vice Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson.  He's deep in thought as he plays over the last few years of his life, the love he has for Emma and Horatia, his country and God.  He signals to stop at the view, to get out and stretch his legs before the descent into Portsmouth.



But there's work to be done here in  Portsmouth. Preparation of the ships, the men, new signals, meeting members of the Government, and the Navy Board.  Old friends await his arrival. Back in the Post-Chaise he signals to move on.


Synopsis - screenplay

It's 05:35 on Saturday September 21st, 1805, and the small Post-Chaise, having been on the road since 22:30 the night before, approaches Portsdown Hill Cross, overlooking Portsmouth.  The Postilion calls out the approach to Portsdown. 

The sun begins to rise over the Isle of Wight and the fleet assembled at anchor at St. Helens offer a view that fills him with awe and a degree of trepidation.  England is at threat of invasion and Nelson is becoming weary of battle.


There's a strategy that has been occupying his mind for a while. One which, if not a complete success and bring about total annihilation of the combined French and Spanish fleet, will most definitely result in his death and surely see England fall to Napoleon Bonaparte.


Portsmouth 1805





     the last walk




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